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Let Me Game in Peace

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Chapter 1297 – Another Invitation lyrical stew
The sole very good news was that the Sheng as well as an Tianzuo got lastly went back. Zhou Wen couldn’t live in Overseer Manor permanently.
“Let me ponder over it yet again. There is something I haven’t found out still. I need to be fully ready,” Zhou Wen claimed after some thought.
“Zhou Wen, is there a technique to achieve the Wonderful Palace?” Hui Haifeng’s content was very immediate.
Zhou Wen possessed Excellent Skyfiend’s performance and wasn’t reduced than her. He also had spatial proficiency, but he didn’t have temporal ability. Except he could find a temporal professional like Cave Time to enhance his temporal abilities, he would be unable to reach the Wonderful Palace until the seventh picture.
“You can’t state that. With the amount of previous illustrations, the League of Guardians can think up a corresponding method. It doesn’t imply that their power is undoubtedly tougher in comparison to the Sacred Character a.s.sociation’s. It’s exactly that individuals and expertise they use are simply right.”
“As longer as possible get on the ranks, there’s no reason to worry about anything,” Hui Haifeng stated. “When could you go? Any arrangements needed?”
Eventually, Zhou Wen select the To the west District’s Dossier Destination to fulfill Lord Fourth. This tropical isle was very close to the mainland and was one of many very few island destinations operated because of the Federation.
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Zhou Wen didn’t tell him the place beforehand. He only informed him when and where to move before informing him the exact location after they satisfied.
A note notice sounded. Zhou Wen thought that it really was Liu Yun, but to his shock, it absolutely was from Hui Haifeng.
“Has it been resolved?” Zhou Wen realized that An Sheng didn’t appear delighted.
“To common persons, it is indeed considerably. On the other hand, on the accelerator, the types of materials highly processed from tens of thousands of crystals are merely enough for 1 / 2 a shot.”
“That’s correct, however they are ultimately too formidable.”
Zhou Wen recognized what Hui Haifeng designed. As soon as that taken place, many men and women would perish from your a variety of factions vying for supremacy. The ones having difficulties by far the most were normal people today.
Zhou Wen got already tried out frequently in-game. It was tough to achieve the Great Palace by depending solely on velocity.
Zhou Wen didn’t tell him the spot in advance. He only advised him when and where to be before revealing to him the precise area once they achieved.
“Has it been resolved?” Zhou Wen observed that An Sheng didn’t appear to be pleased.
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He was somewhat totally different from what Zhou Wen acquired thought possible. The label ‘Lord Fourth’ sounded just like an elder, though the guy Zhou Wen discovered became a mid-aged person. He checked highly refined, making it out of the question into a.s.sociate him along with the message “lord.”
“I are only able to visualize a way to get about the ranks, having said that i can’t ensure that the results shall be very good.” Zhou Wen didn’t desire a real circumstance to take place.
Zhou Wen was aware that it make a difference wasn’t effortless. The requirements of Lord 4th weren’t high—he just needed to get on the search positions. That wasn’t hard.
“Do you will have any Good luck Partner Beasts?” Zhou Wen asked.
Transmigration: I Became The Daughter Of A Family Of Villains
Zhou Wen acquired already tried very often in-match. It had been difficult to make it to the Great Palace by depending solely on quickness.
Let Me Game in Peace
As soon as the League of Guardians, not one other animals accessed the rankings.
“Alright. Produce a listing of the things you want.” Hui Haifeng didn’t lack cash. He managed the Mythical Serum business, and also the Hui household was now one of the richest people.
Zhou Wen was aware that this topic wasn’t straightforward. The requirements of Lord Fourth weren’t high—he just necessary to hop on the ratings. That wasn’t tough.
“Do you possess any Luck Partner Beasts?” Zhou Wen required.
The fact is that, there had been no prize for attaining the Wonderful Palace in-match, neither could he start the threshold. Zhou Wen wasn’t fascinated in this particular technique. He still had to consider a way to crack the seventh bullet and get rid of the undetectable Calamity-standard creature.
Zhou Wen was alarmed when he read that. In earlier times, he only understood the accelerator need to have expended many vitality. In any other case, it becomes not possible for it to be that impressive. However, he never predicted that it is so pricey. Tens of thousands of Substance Crystals could simply be employed for half an attempt. As long as they were to fire a couple of vaccinations, the An friends and family would definitely go bankrupt.
“Zhou Wen, is there a solution to make it to the Wonderful Palace?” Hui Haifeng’s content was very immediate.
Lord Fourth decided readily. Zhou Wen made the decision some time and place.
The only real good news was that An Sheng along with an Tianzuo got at last came back. Zhou Wen couldn’t relax in Overseer Manor once and for all.
“Zhou Wen, is there a strategy to reach the Glowing Palace?” Hui Haifeng’s content was very primary.
Zhou Wen had already experimented with very often in-game. It was subsequently not easy to make it to the Gold Palace by depending solely on velocity.
“To regular men and women, it’s indeed quite a bit. Nonetheless, towards the accelerator, materials sophisticated from hundreds and hundreds of crystals are just enough for fifty percent an attempt.”
Hui Haifeng sighed and said, “Humans are pets that like to combat. They would like to vie for all the things. With the Federation to be a strategy, they will still coordinate in a number of aspects. If this fig leaf is gone 1 day as well as edges fall out to vie for the ideal to guideline, who do you think will be affected the most?”
Hui Haifeng didn’t deliver any announcements for the upcoming two or three weeks. It had been probably mainly because it was difficult to find Good luck Associate Beasts. Regardless of whether other folks had one particular, they would hatch it themselves and seldom sell it off.
“Jing Daoxian?” Zhou Wen was alarmed when he listened to his voice.
“In the best way. We performed obtain an Basis Crystal my own there, however the stores are a lot less than expected. I reckon you will discover only hundreds and hundreds of cubes,” An Sheng mentioned.

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